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In 2013 I decided to sit for the TOCICO fundamentals exam in Mumbai. I was quite overwhelmed with the (preparation) effort required when I came across the Theory of Constraints Study Guide. I wrote asking for help and Gordon kindly provided an early unpublished draft on the proviso that I provide him with constructive feedback. I did so and the subsequent edition represents a ‘must have’ for those seriously thinking about sitting for the TOC Fundamentals exam.

Shubham Bansal
TOC Student 2014
I was delighted when Gordon asked me to review his draft of the Theory of Constraints Study Guide . It was evident from the start that he had researched the subject matter well but had overlooked the issue of incorporating questions and feedback. Gordon responded effectively by preparing a series of quizzes & flashcards. I commend Gordon for filling an obvious gap and his passion and commitment to continuous improvement(POOGI). A job well done!

Mans Shapshak
TOC certificate of Achievement (2012)
When I sat for the fundamentals exam in 2008, preparation included extensive and laborious sourcing of relevant information from many of the documents included in the TOCICO reference list. I had to spend a considerable amount of time gathering and then summarizing my study material before I could even start the learning phase. When Gordon asked me to review the TOC Study Guide, I was pleased to do so and was immediately struck by the detail, evidenced in the detailed table of contents. Whilst I did not see the need for this detail at the time of my review, I recognise the benefits it provides for students wanting to pinpoint particular information of given topics.If this book had been available in (2009), it definitely would have been on my book shelf back then.

Hlangabeza Gumede, South Africa
TOC practitioner since (2006)

Meet your Teacher

G’day, I’m Gordon Dunbar and the author of both the study guide and this website. I had originally intended this site to be dedicated to topics specific to the fundamentals exam but I realised that there are many people who are more than curious about this thing called the Theory of Constraints. So I decided that I would convert my passion into a membership site to serve those that want to/need to know more. I have developed a lot of valuable content over the years for personal, business and academia which this site offers to share with students and business people alike. See you on the inside !
cheers Gordon

Why does TOC require a paradigm shift?

Despite having the contrary intention, why does managements primary focus destroy value ?

Is Conflict a reality?

We often describe differences of opinion as conflicts but do they exist in reality?

Is business really that complex?

We often describe business as complex, but why  do we believe this statement to be true?

Is the system on the left or the right more complex?



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